The Scholar Warrior Start-Up Boot Camp

We created over a dozen startups in our careers while maintaining a high level of health and fitness.

We can help you start yours too

You got this...

Need help with your side hustle? Career? Main Business?

We created a management consulting business, developed several eLearning and certification courses, a health, fitness and Self-Defense school and a cloud based health technology company just in the past decade alone. We have helped many others create their own companies too. We have invested in over 20 businesses and have reaped the benefits of success and experienced the mistakes of failure. Now we want to share our methods and healthy start-up incubator environment with you. 

This program is for "Achievers". We are looking for people who understand that their mental and physical health are integral to achieving success and being around supportive people is the path to reaching your goals.

Attention Achievers:

Are You Ready for a Learning Challenge?

 Do You Want to Experience the Success that Comes with being a 

Healthy and Fit Entrepreneur?

We are looking for 15 motivated individuals who want to join an elite business, fitness and health bootcamp program in Scottsdale Arizona where we will be teaching you how to succeed in your Entrepreneurial pursuits while improving your health and fitness.

For those requiring a higher level of help we have 3 one-on-one coaching spots available as well for the Start-up Bootcamp.

  We want serious applicants only as our resources are finite!  

What does a whole new attitude on life, work and play look like?

Managing your health and fitness, your stress, home and career or your relationships requires a system and a process. These systems and processes work similarly whether you are trying to succeed in starting a new business or starting a new health and fitness program. The two go hand in hand as one makes the other more successful. Most importantly, when you integrate them together so that one supports the goals and objectives of the other, you will make faster progress with a higher chance of success if you have a coach to guide you and hold you accountable.

We've have been there... we know


✓ It sucks to feel TIRED all the time and you need enough energy to keep up the hustle

✓ Regardless of achievements, true career independence, health and fitness are elusive

✓ it's a struggle to find a balance between your business and your health

✓ Confidence in the financial, physical and personal security of yourself and your family is #1

✓ Some changes just don't seem to be making a difference fast enough

✓ We can all use expert advice on how to grow our businesses, reduce stress and feel in control

✓ Time is not always on your side and risk of failure by going it alone is high 

✓ It's frustrating to launch a new plan, give up on it in a week or two and go back to old habits

✓ Something has to change as doing the same thing doesn't change the results

Research from the Harvard Medical School shows that regular exercise releases brain chemicals that are important for improving your memory, concentration, and mental sharpness.

How we solved this...

✓ We created a program where you can improve in multiple areas of your life

Our holistic work-play environment outside the home fuels your goals

Our Sweat With Purpose concept changes how you see your health and fitness

✓ You will learn self-defense to fuel  your mind-body discipline and apply it to your business

✓ We've developed a community of experts that can support your health AND business goals

✓ We use our Six Sigma Fitness™ methodology to ingrain the right habits in your daily life 

✓ There is a team to keep you accountable on a weekly basis, you are never alone 

✓ Your cohort group of people are just like you working to see their lives changed!!

Carmine Gallo, a communications coach, author and Forbes contributor, described in a Forbes article his experience interviewing successful leaders for a book. In his article, Mr. Gallo said he devoted an entire chapter to health and exercise because nearly all of the successful executives he interviewed described physical fitness as a top priority.

We have the skills you need...

✓ Digital Marketing

✓ Website development

Strategic Planning

✓ Accounting, Taxes and Incorporation Advice

✓ Financial Modeling

✓ Operational Experience 

✓ Training and Course Development

✓ Human Resource Assistance

✓ Software and Technology Expertise

✓ Physiology, Kinesiology and Nutritional Experts

In the ideal environment...

✓ 8000 sf facility

✓ Fully A/C



✓ Spacious Training and Work Conference Room

✓ Larger Screen Monitors, Ipads, Web Conference Cameras and Device Charging Stations

✓ Wireless High Speed Business Internet 

✓ Single largest martial art and fitness training floor in Phoenix Metro

✓ Clean and bright environment

✓ Programs in Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Self-Defense and Fitness

✓ Health and Nutritional Assessments and Programs

✓ Therapeutic Clinic in house

North Scottsdale Location minutes from Kierland - Convenient to the 101

We have Keurig Coffee machines with flavored and unflavored coffees, fresh half & half, and sweetener assortments available for $1 as well as Lifeaid healthy drinks for $3 so your work can stay focused and on target. That being said, Starbucks and many restaurants are 5 minutes away. Private showers, a refrigerator for small snacks, plastic utensils and plenty of fresh filtered water is available at no charge. We maintain consistent temperatures with 9 A/C units. Hot water is abundant with 2 separate water heaters. We are equipped with 100% LED lighting throughout the entire facility reducing eye strain and mental stress while enhancing photo and video images. 

The Scholar Warrior

Your Personal Coach at Your Service

I know some of you are going to want to hear the long story before you book an appointment.  I get it, the world is full of posers and weak promises. Hear my story of what led me to create my latest Health Tech Start-up Six Sigma Fitness™ and how it has motivated me to create the Start-up Bootcamp.

Elite Performance Training Center

We train professional athletes in this same facility and equipment. Imagine what it can do for you.

Sweat With Purpose

Our Striking and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs have been shown to be the most effective martial arts for self-defense, fitness and personal development.

Work Where You Train

Share our tech friendly work-space with large screen monitors, webcams, charging devices, outlets at each chair and high speed internet. 

Collaborative Environment 

A friendly bright work space encourages creative development and focused problem solving.


Seasoned Coaches in business and health and fitness


Founder  UltraFit Systems / Six Sigma Fitness™

Martial Artist
Science and Technology Entrepreneur 


CO-Founder UltraFit Systems / Six Sigma Fitness™

Principal The Management Institute / CFO W.M. Grace Companies

Management Consultant
Real Estate and Hospitality CFO, Angel Investor

If you're ready to improve your health, your confidence, as well as your business and career path,

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